Research Assistants

Nanor Kebranian, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, UK team

Nanor Kebranian

Nanor Kebranian is a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Theory, History, and Human Rights. She completed her doctorate at the University of Oxford with fellowships from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and Oxford's Clarendon Fund. She joins Queen Mary after serving as Assistant Professor in Columbia University's Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies, where she researched, published, and taught on Ottoman history, literary studies, and human rights. Her project for MELA considers the discursive effects of anti-denialist legislation in Turkey and Europe, focusing specifically on minority rights, cultural destruction, and post-conflict reconciliation.

Marina Bán, PhD Research Assistant, Dutch team

Marina Bán


Ms Marina Bán is a PhD researcher for the MELA team based in the Netherlands. She is working on her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Dr Uladzislau Belavusau and Professor Dr Janne Nijman at the T.M.C. Asser Institute in the Hague, on secondment from the University of Amsterdam. She holds a BA in History from Eotvos Lorand University and an MA in Human Rights from Central European University (both in Budapest, Hungary). In her thesis, she compares the legal governance of memory in France and Hungary, and studies its compatibility with European and international law. She has previously worked for different human rights NGOs in Budapest (Hatter Society for LGBT People and Amnesty International Hungary), mostly dealing with preparing and translating research materials, fundraising and human rights education. Her other research interests include European history (especially of Hungary during and after the communist era), LGBT rights and freedom of expression.

Dr Grażyna Baranowska, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Polish team

Dr Grażyna Baranowska

Dr Grażyna Baranowska joins the project as a Post-Doctorate Researcher as part of the Polish team. She defended her PhD thesis on “Enforced disappearances in Europe. Developing international standards of prevention and reaction” in the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in May 2016. In her work in the MELA project, she will concentrate on conflicts between memory laws and freedom of speech, integrating ECtHR jurisprudence and UN-level relevant norms and policies. She completed her studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Humboldt University Berlin and Kafkas University in Kars, Turkey. Previously she has been a researcher in the project Fostering Human Rights Among European (Internal and External) Policies, funded through the EU’s Seventh Framework Program and worked in the German Bundestag. Additionally she has organized a number of human rights courses and workshops.

Anna Wójcik, PhD Research Assistant, Polish team

Anna Wójcik

Anna Wójcik is a MELA research assistant on the PhD track at the Institute of Law Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences. She holds Master of Arts degrees in Law from the University of Warsaw and in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the Central European University in Budapest. Moreover, Anna obtained BAs in philosophy and cultural anthropology from the University of Warsaw in a framework of Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences and completed a semester abroad at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sorbonne Paris-IV. A native Polish speaker, she is fluent in English and French and conversational in Russian. Her up-to-date research interests include, but are not limited to, freedom of expression and comparative hate speech policies, as well as political theory, and law and society. In her PhD project, Anna will focus on developments of memory laws in Central and Eastern Europe in the context of transitional justice and memory politics.

Marco Bortoluzzi, Young Researcher, Italian team

Marco Bortoluzzi, Young Researcher, Italian team

Marco Bortoluzzi is the full time young researcher for the MELA Italian team. Marco is working mainly on the memory laws legal database. He has held visiting fellowships at the Katholieke University of Leuven (Belgium) with Prof. Michele Panzavolta as his supervisor, and at the Centro de Estudios de Derecho Penal y Procesal Penal Latinoamericano in Goettingen (Germany), with Prof. Dr. Kai Ambos as his supervisor. He is also a PhD student at the School of Comparative and European Legal Studies, University of Trento where he is specialising on concursus delictorum in Comparative and International Criminal Law. Marco has been working as a Teaching Assistant in International Criminal Law at the Faculty of Law (University of Trento) and in International and European Criminal Law at the School of Law (University of Bologna). He is also a member of the examining board at both the University of Trento and Bologna. Prior to pursuing a PhD, Marco did an internship at the Office of the Prosecutor in Trento, assisting the Chief Prosecutor at both the investigatory and judiciary stage. He graduated from the University of Trento (110 cum laude) with a thesis on “The responsibility of a former head of State for international crimes. The Charles Taylor case”.

Mr Piergiuseppe Parisi, Research Assistant, Italian team

Mr Piergiuseppe Parisi

Piergiuseppe Parisi is a PhD candidate at the School of International Studies, University of Trento, specialising on the domestic impact of international commissions of inquiry. Piergiuseppe is a part-time research assistant for the MELA Italian Research Unit. He is also serving as co-director of the Advocacy Group of the Colombian Caravana UK Lawyers Group and as trustee for the same organisation, and has been a delegate in two independent civil society fact-finding missions to Colombia. Piergiuseppe has been working as a Teaching Assistant in international criminal law and international law at the Faculty of Law and the School of International Studies of the University of Trento. He has also served as Academic Tutor for the Master in International Security Studies at the School. Piergiuseppe has held visiting fellowships at the University College London - UCL and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he is currently conducting fieldwork for his doctoral research. Prior to pursuing a PhD, Piergiuseppe interned at the International Criminal Court, assisting the Investigation Division. He is legally trained in Italy, where he has worked for different law firms. He holds a combined CPE/PgDip/LLM in Legal Studies from the London South Bank University and a combined BA/MA in Law (Transnational Law Programme) from the University of Trento. He is proficient in English and Spanish and has a good command of French and a basic knowledge of Arabic.

Dr Paolo Caroli, Research Assistant, Italian team

Paolo Caroli

Dr. Paolo Caroli (Trento, 1986) is a practicing attorney and is teaching assistant of International Criminal Law in the universities of Trento and Bologna. In 2017 he defended his PhD (cum laude) at the University of Trento about the Italian experience of transitional justice after World War II. In 2012 he worked as intern in the International Crimes and Accountability team of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) in Berlin and he still collaborates with the center as ECCHR alumnus. He also works as journalist.

Aylin Gayibli, Project Assistant, Dutch team

Aylin Gayibli, Project Assistant, Dutch team

Aylin Gayibli is the project assistant for the Dutch team and the EU and Human Rights Law trainee at T.M.C. Asser Instituut. Aylin recently graduated summa cum laude from her LLM in European Law at Leiden University and holds a BA (Hons) Law from the University of Nottingham (UK), with a special focus on international law. Her LLM thesis on the compatibility of the Investment Court System in CETA with EU law engaged with aspects of international dispute settlement as well as EU constitutional, external action and substantive rules. Her previous professional experience includes an internship at the EU law division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and a mini pupillage in a human rights law chambers.

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